Cup, tub and tray sealing machineSemi-automatic plastic container sealer

Model PL200G

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If you’re looking for an easy way to seal your plastic containers, the PL200G is a great option! This semi-automatic plastic container sealer is simple to use and can be set up in minutes. It’s perfect for sealing cups, trays, tubs and buckets of all shapes and sizes. Plus, it allows for a “no vacuum” MAP system, which is ideal for keeping your food fresh.

The PL200G is a semi-automatic plastic container sealer where you manually deposit your cup, tray, tub or bucket in its dedicated holder. Once activated, its inject a gas in the container, than heat seal it with a plastic film.

Mainly use for food packing/packaging, our preset sealing heads and location plates allow you to use the machine to seal many different shapes of containers. Changeover can be done by the operator in less than 10 minutes.  It can be used to seal all types of sealable containers.  It works as well with paperboard or aluminium containers.

Our location plate forms a pocket around the container, allowing a “no vacuum” MAP system.  The sealing pressure is high enough to seal wide lip PET container with the required seal strength for HPP machine. (Resist to a vacuum corresponding to 22″ of mercury)

This tabletop semi-automatic plastic container sealer, can be supply on a cart.
Best way to insure product integrity, and at the same time increases shelf life, the PL200-G is particularly well adapted for food packing/packaging.



No vacuum gas flush (MAP)
PLC controlled
Temperature, pressure and seal time can be set
Possibility to seal 1 or 2 containers simultaneously
semi-automatic plastic container sealer - cup sealing machine


Set of heating and cutting element with its location plate, for different container sizes or shapes.
Hot stamp ribbon coder or date printer
Height adjustable supporting frame
Set of 4 heavy duty corrosion resistant casters


Tray or container maximum size for single head : 12″ x 9″ (30cm x 23cm)
Tray or container maximum size for double head : 5″ x 9″ (13cm x 23cm)
Film roll maximum diameter : 12″
Film roll maximum width: 10″
Film roll core diameter : 3″
Electricity: 115 VAC, 15 amps, 60 Hz
Compressed air: 80 psi
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) : 32″x 34″x 40″
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