Packaging equipment for foamy products or corrosive liquidsin tubs, cups or pails


Adapted filling line for foamy or corrosive products like labneh, acids, liquid yogurt…

For these we have developed:

  • Several containers’ distributors adapted to work well with many different shapes of tubs/cups or pails with or without handle.
  • Several lids’ distributors adapted to work well with many different lid shapes apply to tamper-evident or sealable containers.
  • A closing head with an optional air removing system ensuring that the lid of a tamper-evident container is pushed in while closing it to make sure it looks concave.
  • A bottom fill weighing depositor/depositor for latex or acid products.
  • A shower head dispensing valve along with our standard volumetric depositor for foamy yogurt.
  • A motorized closing head strong enough to close UN type pail. This one can also be equipped with an air removing wheel.

Adapted Equipment

Here you can see adapted versions of our liquid weight depositor devices:

Plastic pails filling lines

With products depositors :

  • For either hot or cold products : bottom fill weight depositor, with high speed up to 30 5 lb BUCKETS/MINUTES, and up to 5 USGAL PAILS/MINUTES on a SINGLE LANE machine.
liquid weight depositor FS1800


Additional Modules

For small production: stand alone components can be proposed (please visit our Machine Guide), such as, for example :

  • a container denester DS1500,
  • or an accumulation table T50.
T50 - Additional Modules for liquid weight depositor


DS1500 - Additional Modules for liquid weight depositor


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