Cup, tub and tray filling line - machineLidding and closing line

Model FDS1400

The FDS1400 is a lidding and closing line made with one motorized tabletop belt conveyor that brings already filled cup, tub or bucket under the lid denesting & depositing unit, and then under the closing unit.

The conveyor’ speed can be adjusted to allow using it with either liquid, viscous or dry products.

This automatic lidding and closing line is made for round, square or rectangular open mouth containers, either sealable or tamper evident, it can also accommodate our PL500 plastic film sealing machine.



High speed
PLC controlled
Reliable pick and place unit for lids distribution
True one by one lids escapement system
Trustworthy air removing closing head
All metal parts in stainless steel => long lasting, fully washable
Control GMC – HMI: user-friendly touch-screen machine/operator interface, with status, set-up, maintenance screen, and production statistics
Control GMC – Safety operation & easy maintenance: this machine automatically stops itself if the lid denester head is jammed. Easily accessible mechanical parts, simple open design. On-screen error detection and diagnosis. In-house programming & support. NEMA 4X wash down fibreglass control box, with temperature control when use in cold environment
Control GMC – Flexibility: simple & quick container size changeover with preset lid denester head, and full height adjustable components
Lidding and closing line


1 or more denester head(s) for different lid formats
1 gating system for when the containers arrive without any space between each other`s
1 conveyor’s extension to allow full containers accumulation at the entry side of the equipment
1 trustworthy air removing pneumatic closing head (requiring 0,6 cfm @ 80 psi).
1 additional protection against BRINE, CHLORIDES and ACIDS (recommended for corrosive ambient)


Range: 4 oz to 15 lbs
Maximum speed per minute, for liquid and semi-liquid products, up to: 50 for 1 lbs tubs, and 40 for 5 lbs buckets
Maximum speed per minute, for dry products and for viscous products, up to: 70 for 1 lbs tubs, and 60 for 5 lbs buckets
Electricity: 208-240 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz
Compressed air: up to 1 cfm @ 80 psi
Gearmotor: AC motor with dedicated gearbox and inverter drive
Lids pile up height: 40″
Footprint, approx (L x W) : 70″ x 35″
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