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Model FS1500

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Do you need to close lids on containers?

The FS1500 Lid Closing Machine is the perfect way to quickly and efficiently close lids on containers of all sizes. With a range of 4 oz to 4.5 gal and speeds up to 80 per minute, this automatic lid closer is a must-have for any business that deals with food or other consumables. Plus, its small footprint means it can easily be integrated into your existing workspace.

You’ll save time by closing lids in bulk instead of one at a time, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most – your customers! This machine will help streamline your workflow while also increasing productivity and efficiency across the board. It’s an investment worth making because it will pay off over time through increased profits and better customer satisfaction ratings.

This roller capper closes tightly and effortlessly round, square or rectangular open mouth cup, tubs and buckets  containers. This semi automatic closing machine has a motorized conveyor with a sticky belt for traction to pull the container under the pressure rollers closing head equipped with an air-removing wheel.

This lid closing machine is equipped with an air removing closing head, ensuring a tight seal every time. Plus, all metal parts are made from stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean. Additionally, container size changeover is simple and quick, with no tools required and full height adjustment capabilities.



High speed
Trustworthy air removing closing head
All metal parts in stainless steel => long lasting, fully washable
Control GMC – Flexibility: simple & quick container size changeover, with no tool and full height adjustable components
Lid closing machine FS1500


Height adjustable welded frame structure holding the conveyor
Infeed and outfeed tables
Pneumatic lid closer air removing wheel.


Range: 4 oz to 4.5 gal / up to 14″ height & 12″ width
Maximum speed per minute, up to: 80 for 1 lbs tubs, 70 for 5 lbs buckets, and 40 for 4.5 gal pails
Electricity: 115 VAC, 2 amps, 60 Hz
Footprint, approx (L x W) : 36″ x 21″ (without entry & exit tables)
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