Cheese Packaging Equipmentfor fresh cheese in tubs, cups or clamshell containers


Complete cheese packaging equipment for cubed, diced or crumbled feta or any other fresh cheese in tubs/cups or clamshell containers

Adapted packaging machines for fresh cheese like feta in cubes, dices or crumble, crumbled goat cheese, grated parmesan, etc. For these we have developed:

  • Several containers’ distributors adapted to work well with many different shapes of tubs/cups or pails with or without handle. We can also distribute clamshell containers.
  • Several lids’ distributors adapted to work well with many different lid shapes apply to tamper-evident or sealable containers.
  • A closing head with an optional air removing system ensuring that the lid of a tamper-evident container is pushed in while closing it to make sure it looks concave.
  • A complete cheese block cutting system to shape all identical carrot like cubes that are automatically inserted in a chute. At the bottom of this one, we have a height-adjustable cube cutter allowing us to pour in the container approximately the required weight
  • An embedded check weigher installed one step after the depositing station is ejecting the ones out of an acceptable weight range.
  • For grated or crumbled cheese, we use our two stages weighing depositor (depositor) feeding products directly in the container sitting on embedded scale platens. This system allows us to install the outlet of the dribble vibrating conveyor, near the top of the container which gives us a greater precision. Furthermore, by using two scales, we can control both the bulk and dribble filling simultaneously. For a given accuracy requirement, this system gives us more containers per minute over other linear scales.
  • A time-based liquid depositor (depositor)
  • A liquid recuperation system under the indexing conveyor of the filling and closing line
  • A special construction for corrosive environments, including all stainless-steel pneumatic cylinders and fittings, stainless-steel gearbox, etc.


Our standard filling lines can also be equipped with an automatic sealing unit, with or without gas injection for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). The seal quality of our sealing system allows our customers to also use High Pressure Processing (HPP).

Adapted Equipment

  • Cup, tub, tray and bucket filling lines: single or multi-lane
  • With one or more products depositor
    • Semi-automatic, or fully automatic block cheese cutter and dicers : that we can make (PLEASE ASK US DIRECTLY for those machines)
    • Or : your combination scales depositor can be integrated within our system

Additional Modules

For fully integrated filling lines:

  • Automatic cup, tub, tray and bucket plastic film sealer the PL500
  • For the multi-lane filling lines, a lane concentrator may be required.

For small production: stand alone components can be proposed (please visit our Machine Guide), such as, for example :

  • a container denester DS1500,
  • a container closer FS1500,
  • a lid denester and closer FDS1400,
  • a filling position plus a lid denester and closer: the FDS1500,
  • or an accumulation table T50.
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