Fresh cheeses


Specific Devices

Here you can see types of our Cheese Filling Line devices:

  • Gravity based brine filler : ECONOMICAL thus efficient solution
  • In line check weigher with container ejector
  • Additional protections : against BRINE, CHLORIDES and ACIDS
  • High Speed filling line : up to 45 1lb TUB/MINUTE on a SINGLE LANE machine, WITH a plastic film SEALER .

Adapted Equipment

  • Cup, tub, tray and bucket filling lines: single or multi-lane
  • With one or more products filler
    • Semi-automatic, or fully automatic block cheese cutter and dicers : that we can make (PLEASE ASK US DIRECTLY for those machines)
    • Or : your combination scales filler can be integrated within our system

Additional Modules

For fully integrated filling lines:

  • Automatic cup, tub, tray and bucket plastic film sealer the PL500
  • For the multi-lane filling lines, a lane concentrator may be required: the LC50

For small production: stand alone components can be proposed (please visit our Machine Guide), such as, for example :

  • a container denester DS1500,
  • a container closer FS1500,
  • a lid denester and closer FDS1400,
  • a filling position plus a lid denester and closer: the FDS1500,
  • or an accumulation table T50.
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