Soup Filler & Other Liquid Products Packaging Equipmentfor tubs, cups, pails or clamshell containers


Soup Filler and Other Liquid Products Filling Machine Lines

Filling line specifically designed for liquid products like creamy or chunky soups, baked beans, bruschetta, etc.

  • The “tunnel” : for filling soup products, hot or cold, in order to prevent any splashing during the high speed filling phase, we developed an anti-splashing plate which integrates the dispensing valve : this allows us to reach a high speed up to 40 1 lb TUBS/MINUTE on a SINGLE LANE machine.
  • Big dispensing valve diameter : from 1″ to 3″, to avoid smashing or cutting the chunks (if any)

Adapted Equipment

  • Cup, tub, tray and bucket filling lines : single or multi-lane
  • With one or more products fillers :
    • For either hot or cold products
    • Or, SPECIALLY FOR SOUP FILLER , integrating a product MIXER and an anti-splashing tunnel : the DVM2000

Additional Modules

For fully integrated filling lines :

  • Automatic cup, tub, tray and bucket plastic film sealer: the PL500
  • For the multi-lane filling lines, a lane concentrator may be required: the LC50
  • Transfer pump to feed our filler: the PV1000

For small production : stand alone components can be proposed (please visit our Machine Guide), such as, for example :

  • a container denester DS1500,
  • a container closer FS1500
  • a lid denester and closer FDS1400,
  • a filling position plus a lid denester and closer: the FDS1500,
  • or an accumulation table T50
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