Complete mixing and filling line

Introducing our “on-scale” double arms mixer with lifting and dumping capabilities

We just complete with great success, the development of a new 600 lb capacity double arms mixer, model MIX300DE, with lifting and dumping capabilities. You can get a complete description of this unit with features and characteristics in the mixer and depositor combo section of our web site.

This mixer can be installed near any type of depositor having a sufficiently large hopper. Here, it is shown with a “low profile” version of our DV2000 depositor, to be able to install it in a 9 ft high room. We also have a higher version allowing to dump products into our DVP1000D’s hopper.

We can easily envision the automatic operation of this mixer/depositor combo with our fully automatic filling line model FDS2500 in a configuration as shown in the drawing above.

When the required raw products are ready to rapidly fill the mixer’s tank, which is on a scale, our customers can easily mix and dump a 500 lb batch in 5 minutes. This is enough to keep up with our dual lane filling line model FDS4500 which can denest, fill and close, up to a hundred 1 lb containers per minute.

One comment


    We are looking for a complete mixing and packaging plant for peanut based paste filled in multi-layer aluminum foil sachets. Capacity of machine is 550 kg per hour. Size of sachets: 92 grams.
    Depositor to be four lane type. To be filling 4 sachets in tandem. Capacity of depositor is about 45-60 sachets per minute.

    Plant to be installed in Uganda.

    Please send us a quotation before the end of May 2018.

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