Pack Expo 2017 – 25-27 September, Booth #S-7968

We invite you to join us at this year’s Pack Expo in Las Vegas – Booth S-7968. Control GMC team is ready to showcase some of our latest machinery, enhancements and innovations.

We are a leading designer and manufacturer of fully automatic open mouth containers filling lines.  Our machines are mainly used for food packing / packaging in cups, tubs, trays, and buckets.  Our filling machines can be used to fill many different products, in many different open mouth containers’ shapes and sizes, like feta, ricotta, cottage cheeses, hot soups, prepare salads, dips, sauces, dried fruits and nuts, powder, salsa, dairy products, ice cream, frozen crumble goat cheese, etc.

Our flexible design with unique preset tooling allows the operator to do a complete container changeover in less than 20 minutes. Typically, with thick products, we can fill up to 60 one pound cups per minute on a single-lane machine.

Our wash down, easy to clean and fully secure design meets the most stringent FDA and OSHA requirements.

Stop by our booth and let’s see what we can accomplish together. Booth #3015.

At Pack Expo, Control GMC will be featuring live demonstration of our single lane filling line FDS2500 equipped with our PL500 sealing unit.

The PL500 is an automatic plastic sealing machine, which centers the arriving cups, trays, tubs or buckets, and then heat seals them.

Mainly use for food packing/packaging, our preset sealing heads and container location plates allow you to seal many different containers shapes. Changeover can be done by the operator in less than 10 minutes.  It can be used with all types of sealable plastic containers.  It works as well with paperboard or aluminum containers.

The sealing pressure is high enough to seal a wide lip PET container with the required seal strength for HPP machine. (Resist to a vacuum corresponding to 22″ of mercury)

The PL500 can be installed on all our cup filling/packing/packaging line. A variation of this unit, the PL500G, allows you to inject gas before sealing for MAP.

Booth #7968 will be staffed by Gaetan Chagnon P.Eng., Alex Forest, and Jean-François Biron B.Comm. Our experts will be available to help you find the best packing solution for your needs.

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