Products depositors and mixersDouble volumetric piston depositor

Model DVP1000D

The DVP1000D is a screw fed double volumetric piston depositor for raw vegetables (cabbage, carrot…), legumes, grains and pasta based prepared salads.  It is specifically designed for specialty prepared salads manufacturers. In particular, it respects the integrity of products and chunks are neither cut nor smashed.

It fills both hot and cold products.

This machine enables food processors to easily and precisely fill those difficult products into various containers.

The concept of this Dual Volumetric Piston Depositor is to use two feeding screws located at the bottom of the hopper to push the product into expanding cavities of two dosing chambers with pistons.

Once the cavities have expanded to the selected volume, two directional valves turn to redirect the product being pushed by the pistons towards dispensing valves located over the containers. The dispensing valve will cut any food string leftovers along the way to prevent jams and allow clean fill cycles.



1 Sanitary welded frame structure on casters
1 Large hopper with programmable scraper arm
2 Servomotor driven dosing chambers’ feeding screws
2 Dosing chambers powered by a servomotor
2 Inlet valves
2 Horizontal dispensing valves


Filling quantity span, for each depositor 2oz – 32oz
Accuracy, for each depositor ± .2oz (for coleslaw)
Hopper capacity, approx.  12 ft3
Dosing chamber stroke 7 inches
Dosing chamber diameter 3.25 inches
Horizontal dispensing valves diameter 2.5 inches
Electrical supply  240 3Ø VAC,  20A,  60Hz


Easy packaging of raw chopped vegetables.
Fills wide variety of products.
Respects product integrity.
Prevents machine jam.
Easy to clean, no tools necessary.
Increased processing speed (50 one lb. cups/minute/lane for coleslaw in vinegar-based dressing).
Increased fill accuracy (5g per stroke).
Better control on product compression.
Minimizes product loss.


High speed
High accuracy
PLC controlled

Servomotors – Since servomotors control both the feeding screws in the hopper and the position of the pistons in the dosing chambers, we can precisely adjust the ratio of rotation of the screws and the movement of the pistons inside the cavities. This allows us to apply constant pressure on the product that goes inside the cavities, which usually would vary depending on the quantity of product in the hopper. We can increase the pressure applied by the feeding screws to compact the product inside the cavities if needed.

Control GMC’s HMI Man-machine interface with “On Screen” problem resolution guide

Control GMC – Safeguard product quality & integrity – This equipment has been designed in order to guarantee the maximum respect to the product while keeping the highest focus on sanitary aspects:
– Seamless design and large diameter dispensing valves to safeguard product quality and integrity,
– All parts in contact with products are made of stainless steel 316 or USDA approved plastic

Control GMC – Flexibility – This equipment has built-in a high degree of flexibility thanks to:
– A simple mechanism to quickly adjust the dispensing valve’s height
– Flexible filling characteristics through programmable quantity, compression and dispensing speed of the dosing chambers

Medium capacity volumetric piston depositor DV1000
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