Products depositors and mixers

Powder weigh depositor model DM1800

The  DM1800 is a simple weigh depositor yet a state of the art weighing machine for depositing bulk dry, granular or powder type products.

This powder weigh depositor features a high technological scale platen fed by a fast filling product chute and a dribble screw feeding system to reach accurately your target weight.



High speed filling
High speed scale to allow high accuracy if required
Control GMC – Easy maintenance: easily accessible mechanical parts, simple open design. In-house programming & support


For the food industry, all metal parts in contact with the product to be in stainless steel


Range: 1 lbs to 50 lbs
Maximum speed per minute, up to: 20 for 1 lbs buckets, and 6 for 5.2 gal pails, or 40lbs bags
Dribble screw feeding diameter: 2¾”
Electricity: 115 VAC, 5 amps, 60 Hz
Compressed air: 2 cfm @ 80psi
Footprint, approx (LxW): 55″x50″
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