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Fri, Jul 14

The food industry is highly competitive and always on the lookout for packaging that can make their brand stand out and offer consumers more convenience.

Tue, Apr 4

We invite you to join us at this year’s Pack Expo in Las Vegas - Booth #3015 R0. Control GMC team is ready to showcase some of our latest machinery, enhancements and innovations. 

Thu, Sep 29

Control GMC Inc. is proud to launch its brand new Dual Volumetric Piston Filler, designed specifically for the salads and chopped raw vegetable industries.

Wed, Aug 17

Whether you are a small scale, food-based business or the leading provider of deli salads, fresh salads, side dishes and prepared foods, production operations cost optimization is always a challenge.

Tue, Jun 2

Introducing our new double arms mixer with lifting and dumping capabilities